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About me

„As soon as fears and blockages are resolved, abilities that reveal one’s true potential are unlocked!“

My mission is to support people in developing their full potential, to be free and powerful, to live with ease and completely out of their own authenticity.


We’re going back in time a few years

I work as a product and business manager, responsible for several global product lines in the millions. My career path is characterized by rational decisions, which guarantee me a good life and very good financial provision. I enjoy my work, I have a dynamic working environment, I can develop myself, I travel around the world … logically speaking, I have achieved what many consider to be a successful life.

But there was this feeling that grew stronger and stronger over the years … the desire for more meaningfulness and a deep inner fulfillment in my life!

I was faced with the decision to pursue what I had already built up, to follow security or the inner call, the call into the unknown.

Jumping in at the deep end

Yes – I took the plunge, I quit my job and entered new territory. The doubting thoughts “that I can’t really do anything other than work in a corporate environment” became louder.

This is where I use the experience and knowledge I have gained over the last 15 years on my personal development journey. I continuously worked on fears and blockages to break through my inner limitations.

A phase of deep inner transformation began in which no stone was left in its original place.

I saw the direction and set off

My passion for change and growth led me to numerous training and further education courses in the field of coaching. I wanted to support people to come into their power, ideally to develop their full potential and help them to lead a happy, free and self-determined life.

Finding my own mission and living it more and more was a kind of “game changer” for me. I finally got that feeling of life that I had been searching for all my life.


This new feeling

The newfound FREEDOM, FULFILLMENT, INNER POWER and clear GOAL DIRECTION are the greatest motivation for me today to help other people to go their own way.

I am completely convinced that change should always be welcome in life. Overcoming our own hurdles and breaking boundaries should be the order of the day so that we can get closer to our dream life. And never, simply never should we settle for an average life.

“Change your inner self and your outer world will change too”


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Do you want to change?

Do you want to unfold your potential, recognize and live your life mission? Where we have our greatest fears in life is often where our greatest potential lies! Only when the fear is dissolved does the hidden become visible – new talents and abilities are unlocked. 

It is my great pleasure to help you recognize complex connections, break through patterns and gain a clearer insight into the deepest aspects of your being. To turn your life into a masterpiece, a masterpiece that fulfills you, in which you live your life mission.


The next steps

Are you interested and want to find out more?

1. Arrange an initial consultation.

In a 30-45 minute initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and get to know me personally. I would also like to find out about your current life situation at this point. What are your challenges and wishes?

2. Check whether my offer is right for you.

3. Let’s start working together!

In an intensive collaboration, we will get you ready to bring your mission, your destiny to life🙌.

My qualification

With a variety of different methods, my talents and skills, as well as all the experiences I have had along the way, I am at your side to effectively guide you on your path.

You can find my complete professional career with all my training and positions in detail on my public LinkedIn and XING profile. Just click on the social media button below and you will be forwarded directly to my profile.

> MBC® Master of Business Coaching – European Business Ecademy

> NLP Master Coach

> Systemic Coach & Consultant

> Master Typo 3® Profiler

> Transactional Analyst (TA)

> Personal & Business Coach (IHK)

> EMDR+ Coach

> Emotion Sync Coach

You can also find further offers and information about me on my homepage