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Find your mission

Live a happy, free and self-determined life

Are you looking for your mission in life, your purpose and want to live a happier and more fulfilling life?

Do you want to finally get started without losing your drive or succumbing to helplessness?


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Always busy but never truly happy?

Do you know that? Busy job but not really successful. Constantly on the hunt, but without really living. A life that somehow doesn’t feel right. Lost, never found or suppressed your true reason for living? No fulfilment in your being?

You would like to change, but you lack clarity about where you want to go. You want to get started, but you’re held back by your own influences, social expectations and everyday obligations. You are stuck in your current life and valuable time passes you by, your true purpose remains undiscovered.

What are you waiting for?
Accept the challenge of finding your own path and living your life mission. Take the first step towards a more fulfilling future. Your potential is waiting to be unleashed.
Are you ready?

Live your true potential!

What is changing? People who live their life mission experience deep fulfilment and satisfaction. You are fuelled by passion and energy, are determined to achieve your goals and strengthen your self-confidence. Your health and relationships benefit from your emotional balance. Pursuing your life mission promotes continuous growth, enables you to learn new skills and opens up the opportunity to positively influence our society.

It was a long journey for me to come to this realisation and to realise this long-awaited attitude to life. Today, my path and all my experiences are valuable resources that can help you on your journey. You don’t have to walk this path alone. Together we can work to help you find the fulfilment you are looking for.

The 4-phase evolution method

The 4-phase evolution method I have developed is an effective process to bring you closer to your dream life, your life vision. In an intensive collaboration, we look at your life so far to find your hidden treasures. We create visions and eliminate limiting belief patterns and fears. At the end, we create your implementation plan so that you can walk your path independently and purposefully.


We start with a journey through your life to date and create clarity about your talents, strengths, wishes and goals. What are your life dreams?



We work out various options for change. We take into account your current life situation and everything you bring with you. We find out which option feels good for you and what has prevented you from realising it so far.


Now comes the crucial and most important part of our work together. We release your fears, blockages and limiting patterns so that you can walk your path freely. Once these are removed, potential is freed and you feel new strength and freshness to walk your path with ease.


Your life vision and mission are clear and you feel good about them. On this basis, we create your realisation plan with all the aspects and resources you need for it. This plan gives you structure for the realisation and you can move step by step towards a more fulfilling life.


You have everything you need to set off on your own. An idea of your life vision, clear goals that bring you closer to your mission. Fears and blockages are released, the path is clear. You start the realisation at your own pace and get a little closer to your dream life every day.

The next steps

Are you interested and want to find out more?

1. Arrange an initial consultation.

In a 30-45 minute initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and get to know me personally. I would also like to find out about your current life situation at this point. What are your challenges and wishes?

2. Check whether my offer is right for you.

3. Let’s start working together!

In an intensive collaboration, we will get you ready to bring your mission, your destiny to life🙌.

What customers say about me


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Erhan Kirbas

Head of Technology (Linz)

I can only agree with Joachim’s presentation video. With his help, I have released some major blockages within myself and have come to terms with myself and suddenly the outside world is also changing. I am much happier and more content on the inside and now radiate this to the outside. As a result, I also attract positive people from outside myself. I suddenly had interesting conversations with strangers, whether on the train or on a bench with a view while cycling. Tasks that used to be difficult for me can now be done with ease and some things have simply resolved themselves.

The most intense session was the first one, where we released one of my biggest blockages. I burst into tears after the session and felt deep gratitude towards Joachim. I couldn’t believe the burden I had unnecessarily burdened myself with.

For all those who are worried about the costs (as I was at the beginning), I can only say that it was the best expense in a long time. Especially as Joachim also made sure that I was satisfied and that the results were noticeable. Many new possibilities suddenly opened up for me and I also defined and visualised my goals with his help. Interestingly, these are now coming into my world. I would never have believed that this would work before, but now I have really experienced it.

Holger von Dorn

Managing Board/Managing Director (Nuremberg)

Due to major professional challenges, I visited Joachim for coaching.  Very quickly he managed to build my trust with his open, emphatic and authentic manner.  He was quickly able to get to the core of my problems. He has very good knowledge of his chosen methods and thanks to him, I gained a new self-image. He was able to help me regain my strength and to use my various potentials. A different perspective helped me to overcome challenges, making me more balanced and successful than before.

Jenny Wöhlk

Happiness Coach (Hamburg)

I recommend Joachim as a coach to anyone who wants to solve their issues with ease and a lot of fun.  Thanks to his empathetic way and familiar manner, every session felt like talking to an old friend. Joachim creates such a pleasant and feel-good atmosphere, even if the topic was painful.  His compassionate, non-judgmental manner made it possible for me to be completely open, so I could talk freely about anything and everything. There’s also a lot of laughing, and before you know it, he has helped you without hurting. I have always felt very comfortable, he helped me on many occasions and his coaching sessions made me feel more energetic and freed myself of my own inhibitions. You are in good hands with Joachim.